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Drone Over Haleiwa

Haleiwa—Drone Style! Good fun with Joan Dantzig and Robert Hernandez! A change in perspective is sometimes a good thing! Got the bird up again! it had bee a while. I actually took her off the beginner mode for the first time and got her up to 100 meters! SCARY!! I lost her for a minute… Continue reading Drone Over Haleiwa

St. Patrick’s Day in Wacky Waikiki!

Never a dull moment in Wacky-Wacky Waikiki! Where else can you get a beach volleyball match (UH beat USC 3-2–GO ‘BOWS!) AND a St. Patrick’s Day Parade at the same time on the same block! Gotta love Waikiki!   For the newbies: the images were created with a 70-200mm zoom. The combination of a long… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day in Wacky Waikiki!

Some fascinating history!

My cousin posted this image on my Facebook page and asked if it was true. I didn’t know, but had a great time researching the question. I found this fascinating page listing 20 historic “first” photos in history. Look to the past to understand where we are now and where we are going!  

Lines in Composition

The use of lines is one of many very effective compositional tools. Lines are important because they lead your viewer into the photograph and can literally direct your viewer where you want there eyes to go. You can move your viewer’s attention around the image by carefully placing your line elements within the frame. However,… Continue reading Lines in Composition

New Award!

We are so very proud at the recognition that our “parent” company recently received! It is your commitment to, and enthusiasm for our teaching of digital photography and post-production that makes these awards possible. Joan and I humbly thank you. Mahalo!

Introduction to Studio Lighting Model Announced

I am very pleased to tell you that we have secured one of my favorite—and one of O’ahu’s best models for our class. I’ve worked with Naomye many times and she is great! She is very talented and good fun. I know it will be a great afternoon! The class will be held on November… Continue reading Introduction to Studio Lighting Model Announced