Drone Over Haleiwa

Haleiwa—Drone Style! Good fun with Joan Dantzig and Robert Hernandez! A change in perspective is sometimes a good thing! Got the bird up again! it had bee a while. I actually took her off the beginner mode for the first time and got her up to 100 meters! SCARY!! I lost her for a minute… Continue reading Drone Over Haleiwa

Lines in Composition

The use of lines is one of many very effective compositional tools. Lines are important because they lead your viewer into the photograph and can literally direct your viewer where you want there eyes to go. You can move your viewer’s attention around the image by carefully placing your line elements within the frame. However,… Continue reading Lines in Composition

Bridges and Stairs

Travel Photography—Bridges and Stairs. Bridges and stairs might seem like an odd choice for a blog discussion, but I love them! Bridges and stairs can be an iconic part of your location, provide intricate design elements to capture, create a sense of mystery in your scene and, well, create a humorous dynamic that begs to… Continue reading Bridges and Stairs

Create a Nostalgic Feel in Six Quick Steps

It was a real thrill for me to photograph the Old Koloa Sugar Mill on Kaua’i. It was an amazing feeling to capture such an important—and controversial—part of the history of Hawai’i. The building and old trucks were in such an amazing state of disrepair. The rust and decay were like ghosts hanging around to… Continue reading Create a Nostalgic Feel in Six Quick Steps

Light and COLOR–plus a post-surgery update

7/18/17 UPDATE: I would like to express my deepest appreciation for all the support and concern expressed to Joan and me over the past few months. Summer classes from June through August were cancelled/postponed while I recover from back surgery. I had a fusion/decompression procedure at the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae in my lower… Continue reading Light and COLOR–plus a post-surgery update

Reflectors—or, More Correctly, Reflected Light

First I want to start by thanking everyone for the amazing support over the past several months. I obviously have not been posting much because I’ve been dealing with some severe back issues that just led to a hopefully successful lower back (L-4/L-5) decompression and fusion surgery. I am not “out of the woods” yet… Continue reading Reflectors—or, More Correctly, Reflected Light

Creating Amazing Sunsets!

  Waikiki Hawai’i Sunsets: Travel Photography—Last week we talked about creating great images in bad light. We will continue this theme this week and discuss how to capture those beautiful sunsets. Sunsets are perennial favorite subjects for many photographers and travelers. Unfortunately they are not the easiest or most cooperative things to capture the way… Continue reading Creating Amazing Sunsets!

Creating GREAT images when shooting in BAD light!

It is not the camera, it is the photographer that matters! Travel Photography—Conventional wisdom tells us that the best lighting is when the sun is low and behind the photographer, and you won’t get an argument from me on this point. In fact, we devoted a blog post last week to the topic of the… Continue reading Creating GREAT images when shooting in BAD light!

Fiji Part Two—Beyond the Tourist Spots: Travel Photography

Street in Nadi Travel Photography—I mentioned last time that I enjoy getting “off the beaten track” when I travel to foreign countries. The tourist spots are stunningly beautiful in this “Island Oasis.” In fact, tourism is the number one industry in Fiji with sugar cane following in second place. I hired a private driver to… Continue reading Fiji Part Two—Beyond the Tourist Spots: Travel Photography