Drone Over Haleiwa

Haleiwa—Drone Style! Good fun with Joan Dantzig and Robert Hernandez! A change in perspective is sometimes a good thing! Got the bird up again! it had bee a while. I actually took her off the beginner mode for the first time and got her up to 100 meters! SCARY!! I lost her for a minute in the clouds…think LOUD heartbeats!

The images are dark and moody, which I like, but…I am an educator…and still student…so I must admit that I somehow changed the exposure compensation on the remote control to MINUS 3 stops! Ahhh…new toys, new lessons…which is why this continues to be a fascinating journey! Enjoy some of my “dark”‘ edits!

OK, this image might be a little “too” dark, but I love the mood it creates. That is the beauty of photography: create what YOU want!

“Da Gang”: My beautiful wife Joan and my good friend Robert Hernandez

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Comments on a recent drone flight over Haleiwa, O'ahu, Hawai'i.