Joan and I are so very pleased to announce the official release of our “Essential” series of introductory digital photography workbooks! The Essential Photography Workbook is now available everywhere (signed copies will be available here soon–for now please email me if you want a signed copy $29.27 including tax plus $7.00 shipping!) and The Essential Guide to Using Flash is available as a FREE “Mahalo” supplement for purchasing the main book and for your support of Hawaii School of Photography.  Email me with proof of purchase and I’ll send the eBook!

Joan and I want to thank the gang at Amherst Media, especially Barbara and Michelle, for their hard work on The Essential Photography Workbook. I gave them a tough assignment because the book is so jammed packed with lessons and assignments. They did an awesome job with the layout. I did misplace one image and I would like to point that out here:

The bottom image on page 67 is of a cave in Boracay, Philippines, not Shark’s Cove, Hawaii. Please note the left edge of this image because it is related to the actual discussion of the Boracay image on page 116. Here is the image that belongs on page 67:

Shark's Cove 10 72

Assignment 9 mistakenly refers back to assignment 4. It should refer to assignment 5.

Correct grid for page 44:

Lighting Relationships grid 72

The images on page 50 were created to show that your f-stop impacts the depth of field even when your focal point is far away. You can see the subtle effect better with these larger examples (from f 2 to f 22):









Finally, we would like to thank our printers on doing such a great job that even the 72dpi image on page 25 looks fantastic! “Lo-res” images usually look pixelated and choppy.