Introduction to Light and Flash Photography

Great class as always. Tons of information, that’s useful.–MJ


I enjoyed your class very much.  You went straight to our areas of interest and provided hands-on demonstrations. It was good to have back and forth interaction on the subject of “light.” In that way, we can make quick comments and have our questions answered immediately.  I liked the pace of your presentation and the order of how you presented the topics.  If there is one thing I might suggest . . . perhaps there might be some handouts that summarizes your presentation and provides references for further study.

Again, great class . . .


Mahalo Glen!

Our new book covers everything in the class as well as the basics!


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Intermediate Photography: Introduction to Light Classes held every two months at Queen Kapiolani Botanical Gardens in Waikiki (space is extremely limited).  OUTDOOR CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO WEATHER POSTPONEMENTS! Please click here to check our calendar for dates, availability and to register online.

Sample images (see below for class topics):

Tuition: $175.00 plus 4.712% GET. Tuition includes our Essential Guide To Using Flash e-Book! (12% Kama’aina/Military and 17% Alumni discounts are available for this class).

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The intermediate seminar is geared to the photographer who has a working understanding of camera mechanics and knows how to manipulate f-stops and shutter speeds, but wants to learn more about light and how to control it better. This 4-hour INTENSE seminar will review and enhance your understanding of the basics of photography and take you into the realm of understanding what light is and how it works! The workshop will cover the following topics:

Detailed Review of f-stops and How They Work–Implications for Light

An Introduction to Light

What it is, how it works and how to capture it accurately on film or digital.
Types of light sources
Measuring light accurately
Quality of Light Issues
Color of Light
Laws of Light:
Additive Nature
Inverse Square and Depth of Light
Introduction to Flash Photography
–What Does a Flash Do?
—Will My “Pop-up” Flash Work?
–Controlling Exposure
—Guide Numbers
—Sync Speed
–Using Flash Outdoors
—Combining Flash With Daylight
—Controlling Your Background Exposure
–Positioning Your Flash
–Using Light Modifiers With Flash

Course Notes

Students must be at least 18 years of age

It is recommended that students own a camera that is either fully manual or has a manual override.

Students are encouraged to audio tape the classes. Sorry, no video taping.

*All images created under the direct supervision of Stephen A. Dantzig are for student’s personal use only. They may not be used for any commercial purposes, nor can they be sold or resold*

Students are responsible for the costs of their own film and processing or digital printing.