Street Life Philippines

Chinatown, Manila. The sheer variety and amount of traffic is staggering!

Chinatown: Travel Photography–There are many beautiful beaches in the Philippines—and we will see several in the coming months. However, the City of Manila has some unique characteristics of its own. Chinatown is, or was, one of those areas that need to be seen to be believed. Traffic in Manila is incredible, but the variety of vehicles (cars, tricycles, jeepneys, carts) and living traffic (people and horses!) in this area is particularly intriguing. Chinatown is such a mass of stores, people and outdoor markets that it is hard to take it all in. Riding through town in a kalesa (horse drawn carriage) was particularly enjoyable. Camera: Canon T2i Exposure f5.6, 1/125th of a second, ISO 400

Open air markets in Chinatown might be a thing of the past.

Open air vendors: Travel Photography–Street vending was a way of life until recently in the Chinatown section of Manila. The current administration has appear to put an end to sidewalk vending to ease some of the traffic concerns. We have mixed emotions about this because it was such a unique experience to be a part of. Open air markets are such an integral part of the Philippines. We saw similar markets in Boracay (OUR LOBSTER TAILS for $25.00!) and El Nido. I hope the outdoor Chinatown markets survive!

Open air market in El Nido, Palawan

Camera: Canon T2i Exposure f7.1, 1/125th of a second, ISO 800; Camera: Sumsung S7i Exposure f1.7, 1/570th of a second, ISO 50

STREET FOOD in Manila…ummmm…I think I’ll pass!

Street Hawkers: Street vendors are not limited to open air markets in the Philippines. You see vendors everywhere on the side of the road (reminds me of the “dirty water hot dog” stands in Manhattan!) and even walking through traffic (why not? Let’s face it, you aren’t going ANYWHERE midday in Manila!).

Street hawkers in Manila–why not?

Camera: Sumsung S7i Exposure f1.7, 1/250th of a second, ISO 50; Camera: Canon T2i Exposure f11, 1/500th of a second, ISO 800