Outdoor Lighting Workshop–April 21, 2018

Our next Specialty Class: Outdoor Lighting April 21, 2018 Taking it to the streets: 8 hour seminar that will emphasize outdoor lighting and photographing models outdoors. Seminar includes a three-hour shoot with one of Oahu’s top models. Topics include: Modifying sunlight Open shade Scrims and reflectors Using strobes Quality of light issues Controlling your backdrop… Continue reading Outdoor Lighting Workshop–April 21, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day in Wacky Waikiki!

Never a dull moment in Wacky-Wacky Waikiki! Where else can you get a beach volleyball match (UH beat USC 3-2–GO ‘BOWS!) AND a St. Patrick’s Day Parade at the same time on the same block! Gotta love Waikiki!   For the newbies: the images were created with a 70-200mm zoom. The combination of a long… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day in Wacky Waikiki!

Some fascinating history!

My cousin posted this image on my Facebook page and asked if it was true. I didn’t know, but had a great time researching the question. I found this fascinating page listing 20 historic “first” photos in history. Look to the past to understand where we are now and where we are going! https://petapixel.com/2015/05/23/20-first-photos-from-the-history-of-photography/