“Magic Hour” or “Golden Hour” Explored

“Magic Hour:” Fashion/Swimwear Photography—Last week I posted some images of a surprise fashion shoot in Fiji. Athena in Fiji from last week’s post The lighting for most of the images was natural “Magic Hour” sunlight. It is called “Magic Hour” light because, when the sun is setting behind the photographer, then everything in front of… Continue reading “Magic Hour” or “Golden Hour” Explored

Fiji Part Three–An Impromptu Fashion Shoot!

Athena on boat: Travel/Fashion Photography—This was a rare opportunity to say the least. It was at the end of an island-hopping tour when this young lady agreed to an impromptu photo shoot on the way back to the main island. Athena was lying alone on a bench closer to the water so I went over… Continue reading Fiji Part Three–An Impromptu Fashion Shoot!

Fiji Part Two—Beyond the Tourist Spots: Travel Photography

Street in Nadi Travel Photography—I mentioned last time that I enjoy getting “off the beaten track” when I travel to foreign countries. The tourist spots are stunningly beautiful in this “Island Oasis.” In fact, tourism is the number one industry in Fiji with sugar cane following in second place. I hired a private driver to… Continue reading Fiji Part Two—Beyond the Tourist Spots: Travel Photography

Ektachrome is BACK!

WOW! Ektachrome is back! The article states that he/she prefers negative film because the exposure latitude was more forgiving, but that was the whole point of shooting slide film: you REALLY had to understand and control your exposure. The contrast ratio was very different and 1/3 of a stop over or underexposed made a difference.… Continue reading Ektachrome is BACK!

Fiji Part One–The Tourist Spots

Some of the spectacular scenery in Fiji Fiji Part One—The Tourist: Travel Photography—It is very easy to, uh, “focus” exclusively on the “made for tourist” spots when traveling to different countries—or even different parts of your own country. I certainly do enjoy the touristy spots, but I also make a point to see and learn… Continue reading Fiji Part One–The Tourist Spots