Outdoor Glamour and Swimwear Workshop

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Outdoor Glamour/Swimsuit Next Workshop: Photography SATURDAY AUGUST 12, 2017 from 9AM to 7PM

Tuition: Seminar: $255.00 Model Fees: $90.00 Total: $345.00 PLUS 4.712 GET Includes FREE Photographing Swimwear eBook! Register for your class here: http://hawaiischoolofphotography.com/registration/

Hawai’i is synonymous with the idea of beautiful beaches—and swimwear! Learn the fundamentals of lighting and posing to create amazing swimsuit fashion photographs. Learn:


Use the Sun As Your Main Light

Quality Of Light Issues

The Sun As An Auxiliary Light Source

Quality Of Light Issues Revisited



Posing And Framing Your Models

Get In Close

Break Some Rules

Class features a three-hour shoot with one of Hawai’i’s top models!

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